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Smashing Through Death's Door - Marshall Alexander


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Author: Marshall J. Alexander, as told to Trish Ramos

Foreword by Ray Comfort.

"You are all alone. You’re in compete darkness.  It is virtually silent, except for the sound of the rushing air. You have maybe ten minutes and then it’s over. You’re about to die.  You’re just thinking about your eminent death.

"Well this actually happened to me. On March 16, 2007 I was about to die!

"My airplane’s engine was now silent.  My evening flight from Klamath Falls to Eugene, Oregon on this dark, cold, moonless winter’s night would soon end prematurely.  My Cessna 182 was now a not so efficient glider.  Gliding downward from 12,500 feet elevation at 700 feet per minute would not take long. I calculated I had maybe 10 minutes to max 15 minutes to live.  I’m gliding toward the unpopulated wilderness area of the rugged snow covered, Cascade Mountains.  However, I could not see them, it was just too dark. I made the emergency call to Eugene tower; declaring an emergency and indicating I would be crashing in the wilderness.  I asked them to tell my wife I love her and I’ll see her in Heaven…
"If you knew you were to die in ten minutes what would you be thinking about, regretting, planning or screaming? Smashing Through Death’s Door is about a recent real life occurrence.  It happened to me.  The story is more than just another life and death drama..."

This compelling book tells the thrilling story of Marshall Alexander, a pilot whose Cessna 182 crashed into the side o an Oregon mountain.  What were his feelings and thoughs as his plane crashed?  What did he find on the other side of death's door?  How did this experience affect his life?

Marshall Alexander and his wife, Judy, live in Klamath Falls, Oregon.